MILLENIAL MANATEES by Jason Anarchy and Extra Fabulous

$ 24.99

A casual strategy game packaged inside a wearable "Fanatee Pack". 

This is a game about manatees. If u are unaware of what a manatee is, think of what a cow might look like if it was drowned in a swamp in Florida and all it's hair fell off and it lost it's legs and somebody smashed the tail end of it into a meaty flipper shape and it just floated around eating gross underwater plants and stuff. but in spite of its obvious misery, it looks somehow adorable and you want to pet it but a drunk nature cop will shoot you if you do. 


1 Cloth board

4 Large Wooden Manatee Tokens

1 Wooden “Toast” Token

9 wooden tracking pips

Like a whole bunch of cards, linen finished

4 Fanatee Pack Tokens


The fanatee pack is a shiny HOT PINK

 Artwork from Extra Fabulous Comics

Deluxe Edition adds: Enamel pin of a naked manatee + 3 circle stickers with different manatees